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Litter Beetle Control

Litter beetles have become a serious problem at many breeding and broiler farms in the UK. Adults and larvae of the Alphitobius diaperinus have a strong preference for insulation materials by eating their way in walls and the roof of the poultry house. They are difficult to eradicate and cause loss of heath energy in the house. Chickens like to eat the litter beetles and their larvae, the beetles however are known vectors of diseases like campylobacter, which causes a serious health risk.

TENEDROP® is a simple trapping solution, consisting of a black conical trap, a container and clips to hold the unit together, it attracts and traps Litter Beetles in the poultry house. The trap can be used to monitor the population or to mass-trap beetles in case of a heavy infestation. TENEDROP traps are very effective at broiler sites and turkey farms, serving as an additional tool in the management of campylobacter.

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