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Fly Control

Large numbers of flies at the farm are a common nuisance for the animals, staff and neighbours. APPI Biological Control offers a unique range of Biological Fly Control solutions (natural enemies) and Fly trapping solutions that help to control fly problems on livestock farms. Our solutions cover layer farms, broilers, broiler breeding, duck farms, turkey farms, cattle, dairy cattle, pig farming, geese, goat farms and horse stables. Our products decrease the need to use chemical insecticides against flies and in many cases eliminate the need to use pesticides entirely.

Our products enable the farmer to address the all life stages of the fly.
• Fly Pupae are targeted by the APPIWASP mini wasp.
• Fly Larvae are targeted by the APPIFLY predatory fly.
• Fly eggs and maggots are targeted by TERRAPPI predatory mites
• Adult Flies can be trapped with one of our traps such as MUSCADROP.

Our Bio Fly control solutions work effectively on their own, however, in sensitive situations the beneficial insects can be combined for increased and accelerated control over the fly population.

APPIWASP is a parasitic mini wasps that parasites on fly pupae, it only flies about 10 cm above the muck. Once released in the stable the mini wasps will start searching for fly pupae and laying eggs in those pupae, breaking the life cycle of the fly. APPIWASP is particularly effective in sheds with accumulating and relatively dry litter, such as in single tier poultry houses, cattle farms, goats farms etc.

AppiFly is a small predatory fly identifiable by its bright black metallic sheen, it’s larva predates on fly larvae. The adult will fly just a few inches above the muck and starts laying eggs straight after being released. The eggs develop into parasitic larvae, those will be actively consuming fly larvae in the slurry, breaking the life cycle of fly. AppiFly develops in the slurry without the need to predate on fly larvae. APPIFLY is the natural remedy against flies in stables with a liquid manure pit, as often used for intensive farming of pigs and dairy cattle.

TERRAPPI is a soil-dwelling predatory mite naturally occurring in various types of soil and manure. It works perfect in dry or moist manure where it satisfies it’s huge appetite for eggs and larvae of various fly species. The TERRAPPI predator establishes a large population quickly, which means that this predatory mite has a shorter response time when problems arise.

Biological Fly Control: Safe, Simple and Effective
• 100% organic methods to prevent a fly outbreak.
• Works against multiple species of flies.
• No chemical resistance or residuals in the manure
• Time saving & simple application.
• Safe for humans and animals

APPI has developed optimised release protocols for each type of livestock farming. In all situations the key to effective biological fly control is to start as early, before the flies get a chance to become a serious problem.

More information is available in the promotional leaflets, the technical data sheet and online video. 
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