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Chicken Red Mite Control

The Chicken Red Mite also called Poultry Red Mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) is a blood-sucking parasite affecting many species of birds, particularly chickens. Whether living in a small back yard flock or a commercial layer farm, the red mite is the main pest problem in the habitat of the chicken. An infestation with red mites negatively effects egg yield and causes serious discomfort and health issues for chickens. Red mites attack the chickens while resting, causing stress, increased pecking, anaemia and eventually dead chickens.

APPI has developed a natural and fully organic remedy against the chicken red mite using beneficial organisms, the natural enemies of the Chicken Red Mite. These natural enemies are called mite predators, beneficial insects that are commonly found in birds nest, where they protect birds from ecto parasites, such as the red mite. Our red mite control solution is based on the introduction of two species of indigenous Mite Predators (ANDROLIS and TAURRUS) in the chicken house. The species differ in behaviour and preferences but both have proven to be very effective killers of red mite eggs, larvae and adults. By combining the species into one release protocol, we are able to achieve a good level of control of the pest.

Why Biological Red mite control with mite predators?
- All life stages (egg, larvae, adults) of the red mite are targeted
- Application in the poultry house is simple and saves time.
- Resistance against predators is not possible
- 100% Natural
- Safe for chickens, staff and enviroment.

APPI supports Biological Red Mite Control solutions for free range layer farms, barn production, grand parents and parent stock production, pullet rearing and pure line selection systems.

 is an active runner with a preference for the young stages (eggs, larvae) of the red mite. Androlis needs a substrate to live and thrive, which is the litter in case of flat deck systems. For multitier systems we supply Androlis in "cultivating bottles”, these bottles provide a habitat for the predators and function as an attract-kill system against the red mite.

Taurrus is a territorial predator, killing mainly adult red mites even without the need to feed on them. Taurrus prefers dry areas such as in and on top of nest boxes and dry places in the structure of the system. Like Androlis, Taurrus predators are shipped in a bucket (mixed with bran) and should simply be scattered in the areas mentioned. 

Biological control of the red mite is most effective by approaching it a preventive control strategy. A stress hit cause by red mites early in the flock has a negative ripple effect on the production during the rest of the flock. This can be prevented, which has many benefits. Early prevention really is the key to successful biological red mite control. 

Please find more information in the promotional leaflet, the technical data sheet and online video.

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